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If you are looking for the youngest Bulgarian town, head south of Sofia. After two hours, you will reach Blagoevgrad, the home of thousands of students. This population makes it one of the youngest and liveliest Bulgarian towns.

A relatively young town, set up on the remain of a Thracian settlement, Blagoevgrad has had many names through time- Duyma Badari, Dzhoumaia, Gorna Dzhoumaia and others. These names have Turkish origin and the majority of the towns population during the Ottoman rule had Turkish background.

Blagoevgrad regained its independence in 1912. After the end of the Ottoman rule, Blagoevgrad was much behind other Bulgarian cities. Electricity reached the town only in the 30s of the 20th century. Since 1950, the settlement carries the name of Blagoevgrad after the politician Dimitar Blagoev.

Today Blagoevgrad is a modern town. Its center was constructed in the past few decades, which gives the town its fresh look.

The town is picturesque and has its own atmosphere. The main street is lined with cafés, restaurants and mehanas. These are the places where people spend a big portion of their free time.

Active tourists and party animals have their options as well. Bachinovo park is the place that attracts all bikers and jogging lovers. The park passes close to the shore of Bistritsa River. Bachinovo ends close to the mehana of Vodenitsa, a must-visit for all cuisine lovers.

Blagoevgrad has its tourism center. The complex of Varosha, or the old part of town, is situated very close to the towns center. All of the houses have been set up in traditional Bulgarian style. The owners of some of the shops in Varosh demonstrate their skills. The center is also home of artists and painters.

The church Vavedenie Bogorodichno is also part of Varosha. Its unique tower and architecture resemble those of the Rila Monastery.

Blagoevgrad is primarily a student town because of the universities here - AUBG, SWU, and the many other branches of Bulgarian universities and colleges, which is a a prerequisite for plenty of night clubs and entertainment.

Visit Blagoevgrad
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